I have an idea and hopefully I have twenty some years to get it done. I'll need that much time! I want to make a cookbook for my children. Thus the name My Mama's Food. It has several meanings, for the entries in my journal it will mean me, my children's Mama. For me it means my dear Mom, their Mama Lu, for most of the recipes come from her and my grandma's and great grandmas. I do most of my cooking without a recipe, but sometimes they just need to be written down if we do not want them to be lost for future generations. When I left home I would have treasured a book like this, written by my Mom, so I want to try and do it for my children. I want to include photos of the kids helping me in the kitchen as they grow and eat what we make. What memories they will have when cooking in their own kitchen's and teaching their children to cook and sharing these memories with them and showing them pictures of themselves learning to cook with their Mama. I think it's a grand idea, now if I can pull it off!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pizza Sauce

Single Recipe

8 C (4 lb.) Roma Tomatoes quartered - you can use other tomotoes, but the Roma's don't have have as much juice and will cook down faster.
1 C Onion
4 Garlic Cloves - I use the already minced in a jar for speed - the jar should say, but usually 1/2 t = 1 clove, so for this you need 2 t.
2 t Salt
1 t Red Pepper Flakes
1 t Sugar

Mix above together and toss with:
1/4 C Olive Oil

Roast in a  shallow pan on 450 until the consistency you like - it will thicken as it cools.
When it is almost done smash it with a potato smasher and cook more if needed.

1/2 C FRESH Basil chopped

Makes about 5 cups.

I 12 times the recipe when I can it. I get 3 giant disposable pasta pans (it's very hard to clean up a regular pan!!)

12x   (I 4 x everything for each pan.)
32 C (16 lbs) Roma Tomatoes (2 boxes from the auction)
4 C Onion
2 T Salt
4 t Red Pepper Flakes
4 t Sugar
1 C olive Oil
2 C Fresh Basil

Can in pressure Cooker for 5 lbs of pressure for 35 minutes.

Katya (5) helped me with the 16 C of basil! We used 8 for 
Pizza Sauce and the rest for Pesto.

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