I have an idea and hopefully I have twenty some years to get it done. I'll need that much time! I want to make a cookbook for my children. Thus the name My Mama's Food. It has several meanings, for the entries in my journal it will mean me, my children's Mama. For me it means my dear Mom, their Mama Lu, for most of the recipes come from her and my grandma's and great grandmas. I do most of my cooking without a recipe, but sometimes they just need to be written down if we do not want them to be lost for future generations. When I left home I would have treasured a book like this, written by my Mom, so I want to try and do it for my children. I want to include photos of the kids helping me in the kitchen as they grow and eat what we make. What memories they will have when cooking in their own kitchen's and teaching their children to cook and sharing these memories with them and showing them pictures of themselves learning to cook with their Mama. I think it's a grand idea, now if I can pull it off!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mama Lu's Whole Wheat Bread

 ******TOP SECRET******

Your Grandma Lu developed this recipe by trial and error and she actually sold the bread at one point in her life at the local health food store.

It took me many years to get it just right myself, when I started making it regularly, about every other week or so I got  it. I had to watch Mom make is several times. So, you have to learn by doing and watching...it's the only way.  It's the best bread, I don't ever want to be out of it!

Katya loves to eat the dough, yuk! The first time she
did she gagged on it, but she kept going back for more.
I told her that her belly was going to blow up like the
bread does when it gets big as it's rising. She didn't
buy it and kept on pulling on my dough!

                                                          David got into the garlic, he must have thought the bread needed some.

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